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Emine's Story

About Us

Being a single mother and grandmother, business owner, working with children since 2002 and an entrepreneur has identified that children are the future of the world and sadly are deprived of basic human rights. All children are entitled to education and opportunities in a safe, secure and healthy environment. Emine has also identified that children have different needs according to their upbringing and social surroundings.

Orphan's Rights

All orphans around the world are entitled to humanitarian rights. Our goal is to better the lives of orphaned children all over Africa 

Our Responsibility

It is our responsibility to provide Education, food, shelter and clothing for the needy in Africa.

Become the Change

When we all contribute as a family to provide for the needy, it changes us as a individual and changes the environment that the African people are in

Saving the Hungry

Donate Today to feed the hungry children in Africa

Our Mission

We believe all children are unique individuals and have full rights to an equal start in life. Our vision is to help each child recognise their interests and talents, nurture and enhance those talents so that they are able to benefit themselves and their community.

Emine’s Warm Shelter recognises that we need to educate children to fish rather than give them the fish.

Join The Family

Be apart of Emine's Warm Shelter and support the vulnerable African children in getting the most out of their education and building a brighter future for themselves.

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